Choosing A Diet Plan

Finding a way to losing unwanted fat can be difficult for anyone to do, even the experts. Whether you want to get back in shape for health reasons or you want to look great for your special wedding day, melting the pounds away is a challenging feat. If you have taken a look a look around, you might have seen some pretty popular weight loss programs, which all claim to be the best at trimming down your weight. But which programs actually do what they say?

Picking the right program is certainly critical to your success or failure in achieve your weight loss goals. Even more concerning is choosing the wrong program and you can potentially wreak havoc on your health, your body and actually gain weight in the long run! It’s no secret that every time we look up there is always another latest weight loss program or “diet craze” more often based on hype then on actual results, so choosing the right program can be very challenging.

Fortunately, the internet has allowed some real health and exercise experts to develop their own program for considerably less expense to us. Weeding through all these programs and picking one that generates real results like The Venus Factor can be a positive first step in our weight loss goals.

Yet, trying to figure out the most effective weight loss program is certainly difficult and can leave people feeling even more confused and deflated. After all, we all want to know which one actually works and delivers real weight loss results. We sure did.

So we decided to look at the top 7 most popular online weight loss programs today and determine which one was the best using the following criteria: pounds lost,  percentage of body fat lost, and whether it was easy to use.

For nearly 10 months and with the help of dozens of volunteers from our personal training studio, we zeroed in on the top weight loss program and we are confident that we made the right choice.

Again, we reviewed the top 7 weight loss programs using the following criteria:

Pounds lost – not just water weight but real fat!

Percentage of body fat lost – this ensures that muscle tone wasn’t lost.

Easy-to-follow program – what the program doable for the average person?


The best online weight loss program for 2012 is…

The Diet Solution

After 10 full months of reviewing and examining dozens and dozens of volunteers, we determined the best weight loss program was The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios.

There were certainly other programs that came close and impressed us, but we were all in unison when it came to choosing the top one: The Diet Solution. This program was extremely effective across a wide spectrum of diverse volunteers. In addition, the program retained the highest percentage (97%) of our volunteers sticking with it.

There is no question that the weight loss results were clear when utilizing The Diet Solution. Where other programs boast about the initial weight loss that comes from water as part of their overall success, The Diet Solution is careful to avoid simple water loss and focuses instead on boosting metabolism and your basal metabolic rate.

Your basal metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories when you are not working out. For long term and sustained weight loss, this BRM is critical.  Of course, The Diet Solution takes makes a full-frontal attack on fat by addressing lifestyle changes, emotional factors, nutritional intake, and exercise.

The Diet Solution addresses weight loss based on a person’s blood type because each type requires a slight shift and focus in our dietary needs. So, this program remains very personalized and thus, more effective than any other diet plan we have seen out there.

A big plus is that The Diet Solution is packed with great exercises to help you lose weight. But, remember this is diet program and not an exercise program.

The pounds lost by our volunteers were significant and experienced by 100% of our participants who stayed in the program. During the first month of weight loss we had seen anywhere from 12 to 15 lbs. of fat being lost during the first 45 days. The reason is that a simple change in diet and exercise according to your blood type can boost your Basal Rate Metabolism and effectively burns your fat when you are not working out.  After 60 days our volunteers lost anywhere from 19 lbs. to 32 lbs.

Of course, we wanted to make sure make sure that there was real fat being lost, which is why we also focused on the percentage of fat trimmed. Again, all of our participants saw a health body fat drop – anywhere from 3% – 6% in the first 60 days, which we thought was significant.

Finally, we paid close attention to how the program was structured for day-to-day use. Was it easy to use?  The Diet Solution held the highest rate of retention at 97% when compared to the other programs we examined, and which was clearly the winner here.

We feel very confident to recommend that The Diet Solution’s is an effective weight loss program that generates real results for people struggling to lose weight.

The Verdict: Significant weight loss, actual body fat percentage lost, and easy-to-use weight loss program.

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Pros and Cons of

There are all too many people who have heard about This site is said to have the things a person needs to know about dieting without waiting for things to come in the mail. What are the good and the bad things about using this? It’s a good thing you asked.

Start by looking at the pros. The first thing you find is that you are making a lifestyle change that many need to make in their life. While other diets having you eating bland foods which have no taste at all, with this one you get to eat some pretty tasty ones. With this, you get a guide on how to start this. It can be sort of hard learning to begin this. However, when you get this guide, you have an understanding about where you should start. Last, when you get this, this helps you to find the things that you need to know about nutrition as it comes to your body type. Remember, everyone is different.

Now, while those are all the pros you get with this, there are some flaws with this as well. While you want to think that it is flawless, here are the things that we have seen to be a drawback. The foods they recommend might be a bit on the high price side. The other thing is that everyone knows that when they diet they need to exercise. This doesn’t cover this at all. Since this is long term, you will find that the effects take longer to be seen. You will find that last of all, the audio tells you a page, but the pages are all wrong.

As you learn about these things, you learn that these are all the better. You can find out for yourself if this is for you by going to It can help you in a number of ways and all these ways are needed when you are trying to lose weight.

A Bit about the Diet Solution Programme

Some of you have heard about the Diet Solution Programme. If you haven’t heard about it, then this is where you can learn a thing or two about it. Keep reading to read and learn of all the things which you must understand about this.

When you use this program, you will find that this helps you to eat healthy. As you eat healthy, great things come of this. The things that come from this is that you eventually lose weight, which is what many of you have been wishing to do.

When you register with the program, you will find that there are a number of things that you will learn. One of those things that you get with this is that you learn how to count calories. You also learn how carbs work against you. Something else you are taught is that you have to eat a lot of food.

With this, you get ton of free videos that help you learn the things for which you need to understand. They give you the information on real health. They teach you about diet and nutrition, as well as other information that can help you become healthy as can be. They will tell you that you don’t even have to wait to try this out. By going to their website, you can start today and see how it will work in your favor. By getting this starter kit, you are well on your way to wellness, which many have achieved through the program.

So if you have been wondering why you haven’t been losing weight, some will tell you that it’s because you haven’t used this. This has the secrets that many don’t know about. So, uncover the real truth to dieting when you get this program to try.